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When the Last Sword is Drawn (DVDrip)

When the Last Sword Is Drawn is a 2003 japanese movie directed by Yojiro Takita. It tells the story of two Shinsengumi samurai. One of them is Saitō Hajime (played by Koichi Sato), a taciturn killer and the other is Yoshimura Kanichiro (played by Kiichi Nakai), who appears to be a money-grubbing country bumpkin. The main storyline is set during the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate, but it is told in a series of flashbacks as two characters reminisce.


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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles S02E11 HDTV.XviD-NoTV | 360 MB | Direct Links | Rapidshare

The Duchess (2008) DVDRip XVID

720×288 | 23 fps | XVID | MP3 - 128kbs | 765 Mb

Genre:Drama, History | IMDb

A chronicle of the life of 18th century aristocrat Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, who reviled for her extravagant political and personal lives. She is a vibrant beauty and celebrity of her time. But she is trapped in an unhappy triangle with her husband and his live-in mistress. She falls passionately in love with an ambitious young politician, and the affair causes a bitter conflict with her husband and threatens to erupt into a scandal.

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Chocolate (2008) REAL PROPER DVDRip XviD

Genre: Animation, Adventure
Source: DVD
Video Format: Avi
Size: 702Mb 1(cd)
Language: English
Substitle: Dutch

Password to Unzip: Chimps


Loving Sex - 101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers (2006)
Alexander Institute | Language: English | MP3@120 | Xvid | 640x480 | 120 min | 580 MB
This explicit guide for lovers graphically shows over 100 positions that will bring renewed energy and excitement into your sex life. Learn about a variety of sexual devices to ease the physical exertion of prolonged sex, and about foreplay, message, oral sex, and sex toys.
Attractive, real-life couples demonstrate how they reach incredible orgasms by experimenting with a variety of sexual positions using the Liberator pillows, the Love Swing, the Tantra Chair and the versatile Bonker sex system. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this fantastic assortment of positions and ideas will take your sexuality to the next level! Our hosts, Freddy and Eddy, aka Alicia and an Denchasy, are founders of the popular couples-oriented website Freddy and Eddy (, whose mission is to enhance sexuality within the framework of stable, long-term relationships. Since 2001, they have helped thousands of couples lead more fulfilling sex lives through their lively mixture of product reviews, timely articles, and provocative discussion. They have appeared on Discovery Channel, CBS, and many print publications and opened their first store location in 2004 in Los Angeles. Our expert host, Dr. Patti Britton, is the president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). She has helped thousands of couples to enhance their sexuality through her books, and in workshops. Dr. Britton has appeared on numerous national television programs, radio programs, and is frequently quoted in national magazines. She is the author of four books.


When the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer...

A new form of the Organized CAPITALISM ???

A Neo Post-Modern COLONIALISM ???

The Untold Story of GLOBALISATION


The New Rulers of the World is a documentary film, produced, written and presented by John Pilger
on the consequences of globalisation, taking Indonesia as the primary example of
the serious problems with the new globalization.

Pilger's central thesis is that the "New Rulers" alluded to in the title are, in fact, the old rulers in new clothes.
To Pilger, the colonialism of the 19th and early 20th centuries has experienced a return to grace following
the World War II (when it was realised that Nazism was a form of imperialism) in the form of globalisation.

In this respect, his arguments are similar to those of left-wing critics of Western foreign policy.

He also shares the view that the moral underpinnings for Western action are false,
but are largely believed by the media.

He states in the introduction, "'The War on Terrorism' is terrorism" (italics his).

His focus, however, is on the human side, and his impassioned descriptions of the victims of violence
and injustice sit side by side with critiques of national policies, along with the media response.


Subtitle : Bahasa Indonesia






Remember the dumbstruck, jaw-dropped expressions on "Springtime for Hitler's" shocked opening-night audience in Mel Brooks's original film of The Producers? That will no doubt be your face through much of the two-and-a-half-hour running time of this infamous 1979 pornographic epic that was a (Penthouse) pet project of publisher Bob Guccione. That's not necessarily a bad thing. But don't take our word for it. Listen to Helen Mirren--yes, the Oscar-winning Queen herself--who stars as Caesonia, Caligula's third wife and "the most promiscuous woman in Rome" (and in this film's salacious vision of Pagan Rome, that is saying something). In her very gracious, thoughtful and candid audio commentary that alone is worth the price of this set, she remarks, "I think it's a movie that is unlike any other, which is difficult to achieve." And for those of a more prurient bent, she adds, "It has an awful lot of bottoms." Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) gives a brave and fearless performance as Caligula, the hated and feared emperor corrupted by absolute power and no doubt voted Most Likely to Be Assassinated. The film unflinchingly charts his plummet into madness and the brutality of his reign in scenes of hardcore sex and violence that cannot be described here ("I can't watch," Mirren cries to her interviewers over one scene in which unfortunate characters are beheaded by a blade-spinning combine. "I can't even listen to it").
Password: Slimbo

PAR2 Recovery Volumes:


In New Salem, the upper-class high-school student and aspiring writer Aubrey Fleming has just quit the piano classes to dedicate to write.
When the mutilated body of her missing schoolmate Jennifer Toland is found, the locals grieve the student while the police chase the killer.
After a football game, Aubrey is kidnapped and then she is mutilated by the serial-killer.
A couple of weeks later, Aubrey is found unconscious in a lonely road and brought to the hospital with severed hand and foot
in the same modus-operandi Jennifer was mutilated.
When she awakes, she tells that she is the stripper Dakota Moss and her junky mother had an overdose and died.
When the FBI finds that Dakota is one character of Aubrey's stories, they conclude the girl needs psychiatric treatment and protection.
But Dakota insists she is not Aubrey.




PRODUKCJA: Wielka Brytania
GATUNEK: Horror, Akcja
89 minut
REŻYSERIA: Matthew Hope
SCENARIUSZ: Matthew Hope
OBSADA: Karen Admiraal, Jack Bailey, Ray Bullock Jr., Emma Choy

CD: 1
Video - 672x368, XviD ~950 kbps; Audio - MP3 ~128 kbps

D O W N L O A D :

pass: bigteam


AKA: Chanbara Beauty
Year: 2008
Directed: Yôhei Fukuda
Genre: Action, Horror
Runtime: 80 min
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English hardsub

Video Format: Xvid
Bitrate: 987.8 kbs
Video size: 720x416
Fps: 24
Audio: mp3 - 128 bitrate (Kb/s)

Cast Satoshi Hakuzen, Manami Hashimoto, Ai Hazuki, Hiroaki Kawatsure, Sari Kurauchi, Tomoya Nagai

Synopsis / Plot Description: Who doesn\'t love the vastly successful Japanese video game The Oneechanbara? You got a hot sexy bikini cowgirl killing zombies? Add some extra characters for each iteration of the game series and its gets even better. (Im sure the new Wii version makes slicing zombies heads off all the more physically exertive so as to stay in physical parity with the main character who seems quite fit.

Now the plot of the video game is pretty slim to none, so the movie expands on this by adding SOME plot. Some back-story on the characters is good, as well as a motivation to kill zombies and why of course there ARE zombies running amok. But nowhere does anyone ever bother to mention why she is always wearing a bikini and cowboy hat. Perhaps there is a vague \"Fistfull of Dollars\"/\"Galaxy Express 999\" reference here, but still, for those of us probing the sartorial functions of Oneechanbara\'s battle dress, I guess we should just sit back and enjoy it without asking such pointless questions.

The film action then is very much like the game action and therefore lots of fun. The fight scenes are the highlights and really shine. The pathos and drama are pretty standard but necessary. The whole picture tho is quite low budget and lacking any sort of quality acting talent. I believe the main actress was either a DVD pinup idol or a soft core porn star, so we\'ll just say she\'s got a good future if the movie turns franchise. Maybe they\'ll explain more in a sequel. In the meantime, hell, she\'s a hot zombie killing bikini girl!


Oneechanbara movie website:

Oneechanbara - The Movie [2008]

Oneechanbara - The Movie [2008]

Oneechanbara - The Movie [2008]

Oneechanbara - The Movie [2008]

Oneechanbara - The Movie [2008]

Oneechanbara - The Movie [2008]



Norbit (2007) DVDRip
English | Subtitle : English | 1h:20 | XVid 576x320 | 128 kbps mp3 | 23 fps | 730 MB
Genre : Comedy / Romance|
Cast :
Eddie Murphy
Thandie Newton
Terry Crews
Clifton Powell
Mighty Rasta

Norbit (Murphy) is a normal person, who after being adopted by Mr. Wong (Murphy), ends up being married to the very large, Rasputia (Murphy). Norbit's childhood love, Kate Thomas (Newton) arrives back in town to buy the orphanage.
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Wall-E (2008) TS iNTERNAL XviD

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Twitches Too (2007) DVDRip XviD

Kabluey (2007) LIMITED DVDRip XviD

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Pemain :

• Hilman Hariwijaya (Lupus)
• Wina Widyawati (Lulu)
• Ita Purnamasari (Poppy)
• Bo'im (Bo'im)
• Gusur Adhikarya (Gusur)
• Gito Gilas (Gito)
• Sylvana Herman (Fifi Alone)
• Rima Melati (Mami)
• Deddy Mizwar
• Mangara Siahaan

Lupus pernah punya mimpi indah.

Mimpi punya topi mungil seperti yang sering dipakai Andi.
Yang tiap hari akan ia pakai kalau ke sekolah.
Biar nggak kepanasan kalo lagi ngejar bis.
Biar diliatin cewek-cewek manis.

Suatu hari, mimpi itu hampir menjadi kenyataan.

Karena Lulu ternyata membeli topi seperti itu.
Tapi Lulu membelikan untuk Andi, bukan untuk Lupus.

Lupus pun sedih.
Nakalnya kumat.

Apa sebaiknya diculik aja itu topi ?

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Director: Marcel Langenegger
Writer: Mark Bomback
Genre: Drama | Romance | Thriller
Plot: An accountant is introduced to a mysterious sex club known as The List by his lawyer friend. But in this new world, he soon becomes the prime suspect in a woman's disappearance and a multi-million dollar heist

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More complete article here

**** MOVIE INFO****

Language = English

Subtitles = N/A

Length =01:24:30

Size = 697 MB

Frame dimensions = 304 X 516

Frame Rate = 25 Frame / Second

Data Rate = 144 k bps

Total Bit Rate = 192 k bps

BUSH to The US Troopers :

" Capture Osama BEFORE the Election !!! "

The Retired US Iraq Commander Calls Bush Strategy: 'DESPERATE'

Where in the world is OSAMA BIN LADEN ?

Why haven't we found him yet ?

The title of the film is a play on the title of the television game show and computer game series,
"Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?", and other “Where in the World is” themes.

Spurlock searches for OSAMA BIN LADEN by visiting countries associated with the Al-Qaeda leader
(Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Afganistan, and Pakistan), as well as others affected by Al-Qaeda (Greece, Egypt, and Israel).

In each, he interviews individuals about their views of the United States and Islamic fundamentalism.

He also constantly asks people he meets, "Where is Osama bin Laden?"

Intercut with Spurlock's search are the late stages of his wife's pregnancy,
and the birth of their son after he returns.

Much of Spurlock's commentary is based on the concerns of a new father.


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