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Release Title Australia 2008 DVDSCR XviD-KingBen (Kingdom-Release)
Release Date 26 December 2008 (UK)
Release Length 2:36:51
Genre Adventure | Drama | War | Western
Language English
Original Source BloodShot
Total Size 1,567,913,984 Bytes
Video Specs

Container: AVI(.AVI)
Video Codec Type: XVID
Video Codec name: XviD ISO MPEG-4
Bitrate: 1131 KBS
Encoding: 2 Pass
Resolution: 704 x 304
Quality Factor (QF): 0.211
Frame Rate: 25.000 fps
Display Aspect Ratio: 2.316
Subtitles: English for foreign parts

Audio Specs

Audio Codec: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
Bitrate: 192 KBS
Bitrate Type: CBR
Sample Rate: 44100Hz
Channel Count: 2



Redemption (2009) DVDSCR XviD

Redemption 2009 DVDSCR XviD-PreVail
640×272 | 23 fps | XVID | MP3 - 130kbs | 716 Mb
Genre:Western |

Can one act justify a lifetime of wickedness? Explore the darkest confines of the soul from upcoming director Robert Conway?s film, ?Redemption.? A genre busting Western where there is no law, no good guys; only the bad and worse. Frank Harden is no stranger to the west, he is a killer. However, because of a tragic event he must battle his own worst enemy, himself.



The Battle of Red Cliff m-HD l 2,25GB

Country: China Genre: Action, Adaptation, Foreign, Historical
Running time: 131 mins.
Director: John Woo
Producer: John Woo, Terence Chang
Actor & Role
Lin Chi-Ling :Xiao Qiao
Takeshi Kaneshiro :Zhuge Liang
Tony Leung :Zhou Yu
Zhang Fengyi :Cao Cao
Chang Chen :Sun Quan Zhao Yun
Tong Da-wei :Sun Shucai
Yao Yung :Liu Bei
Zhao Wei :Sun Shangxiang
Shido Nakamura :Gan Xing



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